Diagonal Tile Floor Installation

diagonal tile installationDiagonal tile installation can make a room not only look larger but also more elegant.  Rooms that have that diagonal tile ‘look’ have a feel that you can’t get when you lay the tile in the regular way. Does it cost just a bit more…Yes. But it’s worth it! Think about it. You’re tile floors are meant to last a lifetime. So why not spend a bit more and have the forever feel of a classy tile floor.

Laying tiles diagonally places them at a 45-degree angle to walls rather than parallel to walls. The success of this layout depends on the initial set up, and it results in more cuts to tiles applied along the edges of the room. However, the effect creates visual interest for many applications. You’ll buy more tiles because of this but again, it’s so worth it!

Some people think that laying the tile diagonally in the bathroom will look too busy. However, that is not correct. Laying tile on the diagonal in the bathroom, or any small room, makes the room look larger. Yes, cutting on the diagonal is more difficult and time consuming but your bathroom will actually look bigger when the tiles are laid on the diagonal.

diagonal tile installation

Diagonal tile opens up a room and makes it more inviting

Now, if you really want to go all out consider what one of my recent clients did and mix the colors so the diagonal design really pops. This floor turned out so cool. The layout was perfect for the furniture which they put in. In addition, it highlighted the focal point of the room which is the built in book case.

This floor used the tiles that look like wood. It was such a cool idea and it turned out great. 

Do you need diagonal tile installation in Long Beach?

You might be able to do a tile job by yourself but the results, which last a lifetime, might suffer. In addition you’ll need to :

  • spend dozens of hours
  • life heavy pallets of tile 
  • rent equipment
  • learn how to do it properly or risk an epoch failure
  • get dirty

So why not call a pro and have it done right the first time? Jeff Roberts of Roberts Tile in Long Beach can help! Call him today for a free consultation. 562-421-2526

tile installation long beach

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