Want a Gorgeous Bathroom Remodel Long Beach?

A great bathroom remodel can be a work of art. Let the professionals at Roberts Tile in Long Beach, CA create one for you! Modern bathrooms can be created with new products that really make your bathroom shine. 

Consequently, we work with all kinds of tile, stone, marble, slate, travertine, granite, glass tile, glass block, and stone fabrication.

Do you love Glass Tile? 

It’s perfect around the bathroom sink area, the kitchen backsplash, a swimming pool area, and of course in the shower. Glass tile makes everything sparkle and pop. Jeff Roberts is an expert at installing glass tile which can be tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing. 

Check out the 5 reasons why glass tile is getting so much attention. 

Bathroom Remodel Long Beach – Get an Experienced Person!

Are you interested in ‘old school’ scratch and mortar? How about  an installation where we use a hot mop shower pan and metal lathe. Experienced tile setters are most familiar with these techniques.

While others may take shortcuts, we float fresh cement or use the cementitious board (cement board) to give your bathroom remodel the perfect foundation that will last years for years to come.

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Are you considering doing the bathroom remodel Long Beach?

Tile setting is something that needs to be done correctly or you may risk water damage to your walls. Then, you’ll end up with a very costly demolition to remove rotting wood.   For example, there are certain types of materials (tiles) that shouldn’t be used in bathrooms because they may absorb water, yet another type may not and be the perfect solution to get the look you want. In addition, it can be a long, messy and expensive experience. Because of these considerations, our suggestion it so hire Roberts Tile for your bathroom remodel. That way you keep it simple, fun, and done correctly the first time so there is no doubt your bathroom remodel will last for years to come.  

For years we have specialized bathroom remodel Long Beach including:bathroom remodel Long Beach

  • full bathroom remodels
  • kitchens remodels
  • backsplashes
  • counter tops
  • showers
  • tub surrounds
  • floors
  • porches
  • patios
  • fireplaces
  • barbeques

As a result, you are in good hands when you call Roberts Tile to get your project started.

Jeff Roberts enjoys doing something different and because of this, welcome your most creative ideas! We’re talented at many trades after 40 years of experience.
Serving Long Beach, Lakewood. Cerritos, Hawaiian Gardens, and Cypress…. anywhere in and Los Angeles / Orange County and surrounding areas since 1976.  So call us today to discuss your bathroom remodel!